Popular Home Additions For Your Residence

Home additions are a great way to expand the space within an existing residence rather than selling and moving. In the old days, selling real estate was a snap. The realty sign was posted; someone purchased it for the asking price or even more; the new house was selected and moved into. If the young children of a family were growing up and needed their own bedrooms, families would trade in their two or three bedroom abode for one with four or five bedrooms. If the kitchen was too tiny or there was only one bathroom, no problem. The family would just sell and find one with the amenities that their place was lacking. Nowadays, this isn’t so easy. Besides, if a mom, dad and the kids are well acquainted with the neighbors, love their schools and all the nearby parks, shopping and what have you, relocating can be a drag. Plus, there are lots of expenses involved in moving -not only the obvious costs of paying a realtor and paying more money for a larger abode. There are some less obvious monetary outlays, as well. Some examples of these hidden costs include hooking up utilities, hiring movers, buying different furnishings that fit better in the new space and more. If the new neighborhood doesn’t have the stellar school district like the old one, Junior may have to go to private school which is a chunk of change, for sure. Many people are realizing that building additions is the best of both worlds. The homeowners get their extra space but they don’t have to relocate. Here are some of the popular additions:

Bedrooms Or Conversions

Depending on what stage of life a family is in, they may need more bedrooms or fewer. When babies are born or children grow into teens, there may be a need for additional bedrooms. On the flip side of that coin, if the kids have grown up and moved away, the empty nesters may want to expand Junior’s bedroom into a home office or theater with surround sound. Why not?

Kitchen Or Bathroom Expansions

Having a gourmet kitchen with room to really move around and creatively prepare meals is a joy. Many homeowners want to add space to their meal preparation area as well as their dining space. Changing out cabinetry, adding a chopping block, a bumped out space for formal dining or adding more storage space are all popular ways of enhancing one’s abode. Bathrooms don’t have to be utilitarian spaces to shower or brush one’s teeth. They can be home spas and relaxation areas. Jacuzzi tubs, separate showers, his and her sinks are all quite popular with couples of all ages.

When homeowners want a bit more space or luxurious amenities, there’s no need to call in the realtors or the movers. Instead, calling in a contractor who specializes in remodels and additions can be a way to get the best of both worlds – expanding or improving the space but not having to sell, buy or relocate.