Make Your Home Your Castle

No home owner should have to fear for their safety in their very own home. As the saying goes, a man’s home is his castle, yet many people that do not have home security systems installed to keep them, their family, and their home safe are living in more of a shed than a castle. Any home owner that fully appreciates the gravity of the risks-from delinquency to natural disasters to faulty home furnishing-facing their home will take action to secure their situation, and the only real way to do so is to invest in a home security system.

Crime rates have risen in many urban and suburban parts of the country, and the necessity for security at home is greater now than every practically. Though many more serious crimes like homicide may not have become more prevalent, home burglaries are flourishing like never before, and home owners are at risk no matter what neighborhood they live in, whether it is downtown or way out in the suburbs or even in rural areas. Criminals have ever more resources and technology at their disposal to perpetrate their dirty deeds, and the quality of home security systems has also gone up correspondingly. One big advance has been the switch to strictly wireless security systems, because many burglars knew how to bypass hard wired systems with very rudimentary tools that could be attained on a low budget. Wireless systems eliminate the risk of intruders bypassing your alarm and entering undetected, thereby putting your family in grave risk.

Furthermore, digital keypads with smart configurations-like police dispatcher access with just the touch of a button, a virtual 911 hotline-have helped in the fight against insecurity and crime. Digital technology is simply more reliable than analog, and anybody that really wants to be able to count on their home security system come rain or shine is wise to make sure that they are getting the latest of the latest.

Having several points of protection covering strategic points inside and outside your home is absolutely fundamental for any home system, and smart motion detectors that have pet detection (to diminish the frequency of false alarms) is the latest thing in this field. Also, diversifying the methods of communication with the monitoring center has helped improve today’s modern home security systems: there are options to have two-way voice communications installed and able to be activated from virtually any point in the home, and there are also options to upgrade to cellular tower communications with dispatchers in case your land line is interrupted (by natural or criminal forces). In fact, maintaining a possible line of communication with the monitoring center has to be the single most important factor to consider when purchasing a security system, for which reason it is necessary to find a provider with more than just two or three monitoring centers. The idea here is that, should the monitoring center your emergency is being handled by be cut off for some reason (a black out or technical failure), your call will automatically be transferred over to another monitoring center where a live dispatcher can continue to provide assistance. With only one or two centers, a security provider risks not being able to deliver on their promise, which is why any home owner should look for a company with between four and five monitoring centers strategically spread out across the nation.