How to Decorate Interiors in One Color

Have you ever walked into someone’s house and marveled at how beautifully they had used one color throughout the house? It must have got you thinking how you would love to have the same look on your house. Not to worry, because anyone can achieve a polished look using a monochrome color scheme. This is where you use different shades of the same color throughout the room to achieve a harmonized look. Obviously, your choice color should be your favorite color or at least one of your favorites if you have several. There are some factors that you should consider before settling for the final color though.

One of them is the intensity of natural light in the room or house. This is not something you can solve by using appropriate artificial lighting because you are not going to have artificial lights on through the day. If your house does not receive enough natural light, then painting it in a laid-back color will make it look gloom. Such a room needs a warm color to brighten it. Consider using a floor-to-ceiling mirror to reflect light and add some effect. Likewise, a very bright color against a bright back-drop will be drowned by the intense brightness. A solution to this would be to use the same color but in darker shades.

A second factor you need to consider is the kind of artificial lighting you have in the room. Choose a color that will be enhanced every time you turn on the lights. It’s not very inspiring to have a house that’s beautiful by day and unsightly by night! If your current lighting does not serve this purpose, you have the option of changing it. Get a better suited type of lighting. If the glare of the track lighting you are using is too screaming, go for a light fixture that gives you some control over how much light you want to have on. This way, you can still use the same lighting if you decide to change the color to a different shade later.

Now that that is settled, you are set to go. Remember the rule of the thumb is to have every piece of furniture, upholstery and furnishing in varying shades of the same color. Grab yourself a color chart so that it’s easier to pick out colors and check out their compatibility with one another before adding them. Use different textures around the room to vary the tone. Mix velvets, silks and linen. Have some dull fabrics, shiny ones and patterns. It will be dramatic.

Incorporate one aspect of nature to break the monotony and add some life. Wood works pretty well in this. Uncovered wood furniture, stained wooden floor or a wood wall are good places to begin. Having a live plant adds life to a would-be harsh room. You can also add some metal pieces to break up the monotony and add glimmer. Some good choices are brass, copper and chrome.