How Rustic Furniture Can Improve Your Country Home

Rustic furniture has a very unique and appealing aesthetic design. As such, it’s not hard to understand why the style has been popular for so many years. Also, because of the classic, timeless nature of rustic furnishings and decorations, it seems unlikely that the style will become unfashionable or unsuitable for a cabin or lodge setting. Interestingly, this type of furniture has its roots in impoverished areas.

Rustic furniture is renowned for its natural looks and clever use of wood and available natural materials. It was also an important trade commodity for low income individuals in mountain areas. Because these people lacked many of the resources that facilitated and encouraged the industrial revolutions, they had to find ways to earn a living in other ways. As such, they honed an ability to craft high quality furniture out of wood and available supplies.

The build quality of these furnishings was very high and rustic decor quickly became popular in certain circles. For many people in the Great Depression era, making these furnishings was the only way that they could afford some manner of sustenance. There was a great deal of furniture produced by Americans during this period. There is a collector’s market for furniture from the era.

On the other hand, the furniture also has an association with the Adirondack Mountain region. The people in these areas were generally much better off than their mid-Western Depression counterparts. Many of the people that crafted rustic furniture in the Adirondacks were actually quite wealthy. Their high quality craftsmanship made their furniture a sought after commodity that could command a high price. There is a museum in Blue Mountain Lake that is dedicated to rustic Adirondack furniture.

The Adirondack chair is one of the most popular items in this style. It is simple in appearance, but they are generally very sturdy and are popular all over the world. They can be made out of a number of different woods. Like other wood furniture, they may need to be treated from time to time.

One of the main types of this furniture is the bentwood style. The sticks used in this style will either be used fresh or treated with steam. The sticks are then bent to make a structure or shape. Twig work involves wood and sticks being assembled and fitted to make an item.

There has been considerable progress in the ability to treat and maintain wood furniture. Well maintained antique furniture in the rustic style may be difficult to find, and if you do manage to locate some it will likely be costly, but newer pieces should be able to last for a considerably long time. If you’re going to be keeping your wooden chairs, tables, and benches outside, you’ll likely want to make sure that they are water resistant. Some types of wood are much more susceptible to water damage than others. You’ll also want to make sure that they are protected against damage from termites, digger bees, and other insects that can pose a threat. This should help you better preserve your furnishings.