Feng Shui and the Color Purple

There is no doubt about it. When it comes to colors of the rainbow and the powers practices of the eastern arts of Feng Shui the color purple itself holds great and greater power and sway than most of the other colors of the full spectrum of light and intrinsic lights. Why is this so?

First and foremost the color purple seem to have great power and powers in serving to help both you, your family as well as the rest of your household to gain recognition overall Thus purple is an excellent color choice to add in the south sector of your home or specifically your living room areas as well as office sectors. Specifically if you are in a “power position”, such as the principal of a school, chef in a restaurant or catering operation or manager of a hotel or food services eatery then purple is a most wise color choice and selection.

No doubt about it, purple’s strategic importance and power throughout history no doubt has been a factor in this. Leonardo da Vinci insisted that the color purple would enhance and focus the medical effects of pills and medications; purple was a favorite color of Cleopatra Thus add purple as a basic high choice decorating color as well as preferred personal choice when it comes to furniture, wall coverings and paint as well as furniture and decorating accessories. Make it a wise choice for south walls to add extra powers and prestige and as well work to enhance your further chances and ambitions for fame and greatness.

It seems to be no coincidence of good fortune that purple seem to be an excellent enhancement to any children’s or even adolescent’s “room” or “rooms”. Painted on any wall or used in furnishings and accessories, purple thus serves as an “enhancer”, enhancing skills, aptitudes and focusing good moral energy and energies even regardless of that person, person’s or group’s personal Feng Shui, powers, traits, likings and preferences.

The color purple also serves to enhance the “imagination” as well as the appreciation and effect of others in the group or family unit. Purple is a “family “color a wonderful effect. In addition the color seems to any wall or floor covering that it is painted on or chosen for regardless of where and how that wall points to or focuses its energy and energies towards.

In terms of the beneficial effects of the color purple towards health and mental effect benefits – be it on personal self image, self confidence, and ego or just too overall good health and wellness this portion of the rainbow can well be of great help and assistance when painted on an east or eastern wall. Do this and you will certainly notice its full effects on the improvement of overall health and wellness.

Lastly if you wish to inspire creativity and get the creative juices flowing – then paint your west wall with this coloration of the full spectrum of the chroma. Especially if a member of your family, or specifically your children are burgeoning actors or artists in the bud you can count on the vibrancy of the spectrum to fulfill their internal searching’s and cravings for solid recognition. You can even finish and polish off the final effects by painting your south facing enclosures and dividers with this specific and most wonderful pigment.