Creating the Perfect Garden Just For You

When creating your perfect garden the first thing you have to do is think about the space you are given, is it large or small, long or wide. Is it all grass, pavement, half and half, is it on flat ground or are there hills and slopes. When deciding how you want your garden to look you need to take into consideration all of these factors first. How many trees and bushes are already fully grown in, do you plan to keep them or remove them, maybe you don’t have any and you would really love some fruit trees or rose bushes, do you have room for them, their roots and thorns?

Now that you have taken your space into thoughts you can work from there, are you looking for a more rustic country garden look or a more contemporary modern look? Did you want an outdoor kitchen or under the stars living room or maybe you were just hoping for somewhere to sit quietly with a cup of hot cider.

Maybe you were looking to add a beautiful wooden bench surrounded by flowers and a rock pathway with a coy pond, somewhere you could sit on beautiful fall afternoons cozied with a sweater. A bench to sit on to read a book quietly or just watch the fish swim in the pond while you smell the beautiful different flowers that are still in bloom, a place just for you.

How about turning your garden into an outdoor kitchen, having very little grass and a large patio; you could put a wooden table and chairs out there. Surround it with a grill maybe an outdoor bar, large plants, somewhere to enjoy your weeknight dinners under the sun.

Maybe you wanted more of a living room feel by adding a few wooden lounge chairs and square side tables. Place them over in a corner of your garden full of greenery, and maybe add a nice fire pit right in the middle to warm you up on cool evenings. Sitting out here on a Friday evening with a glass of red wine and a small throw blanket listening to the wind blow, smelling the fresh air, this is my idea of a perfect backyard.

Another option is if you have a really large farmer’s porch, haven’t you always loved those photos, the larger farmer’s porches with the wooden rocking chairs on them. You just picture growing old out there, coffee and newspaper in the morning, tea and a book at night, maybe you imagine becoming a grandma and knitting in that lifelong rocking chair in the home you imagined your grandchildren would be visiting you in.

There are so many different beautiful ways to decorate your outdoor living space, from making it an outdoor haven for you and your someone special to creating an indoor room outdoors for you and your family. All you need to know is what your style is, what size is available to you, get your everlasting wooden furniture and create your room just the way you want it.