Bar Stools Are Great Upgrades For Your Home

Bar stools are a fantastic way to upgrade your home aesthetic. There are a few types of bar stools that demand your attention. Each of these models utilize metal frames with vinyl padding for the seat. The first model to consider is a Montello Swivel bar stool. This is a classic design with metal curved legs and a wooden backrest. Having a swivel seat is preferable to a locking seat, so the user can rotate around the counter with ease. A Montello Swivel bar stool is about 32 inches or so high, the perfect height for tables and bars. Having this stool in your living room or kitchen adds a lot of elegance, because of the old steel finish and brown color to the seat cover. These bar stools combine with basic counter tops (nothing too fancy or too modern) very well and look best if you stick to the same color palette of earth tones. Another stool which looks great in kitchens is the Camelot Swivel bar stool. It is inspired from the Medieval ages with rope accents on the backrest. This bar stool usually comes in beige or black, neutral colors that go with virtually any carpet or wood tiling you have in your house. Owning a stool is beneficial to home improvement because stools are fancier than basic wooden chairs and add a lot of flair to your living room.

A Camelot swivel stool is a little shorter than other bar stools, around 25 inches tall. One of the most important aspects of purchasing new stools or chairs for your kitchen/living room is to carefully measure out the preferred height. You then need to decide on how many you should purchase. I’d recommend at least 4 stools for any kitchen and in the instance you have a large family, you should get 6 or more. There is nothing worse than having guests over and not having enough provided seats. Cleaning your bar stools is an important part of making your home furnishings look their best. Dust will collect frequently on the seats and the metal legs. Take caution to not apply aggressive cleansers or anything that will damage the paint and finish. Use a damp cloth and softly wipe away any visible dust. For spills, use warm water and a little soap or very mild wood/metal cleaner to remove the debris. The more you take care of your bar stools, the better your home will appear.